The Award Winning Film A1 (Trailer)

A1; Feature Film (No Dialog) won 3 golden awards. While philosophical in content, avant garde in style, A1 figures out life’s alphabets and mysteries via unique visualization. This film reflects a special point of view about creation, life, death and other human aspects, which are reflected by a camera that rotates in questions about the endless universe. It is a new style of visualization, where man is in need of a new horizon, that is inaccessible until he experiences a span of inner tranquility which the film reflects and may be after a period of inner darkness. It all dissolves & melts in those cold nights where the stars of the universe play and fight. Have you any answers? Producer: MAK Cinema Productions.

Aziza (Trailer)

Exercising thoughts of Men Controlled Societies, which are somehow common in the east and west both.  The movie shows how a woman is treated unfair just because her husband wanted a baby boy and she delivered 4 daughters. From sunrise to sunset, this one-day-actions movie follows the nerve pressed Aziza with all the unexpected accidents. Producer: Alsharque Productions.

Universe Management (Trailer)

A mysterious power known as luck determines the happiness and easygoing life of you. Should it be.. or should it be? You surely have a lucky story at mind now. Roberto is severely depressed and profoundly thinking how the universe is managed. He will soon be punished, while Marianette scored 7 out of 6, magic?

The Uncensored Trial Of Shahzad (Trailer)

Why? and You are both words that need explanation. This Avant Garde film blows a message in a bottle of imagined marrow trial explores how erroneous policies, religions rationalizations, and missing the point the word you should aim at, all may cause various people to adopt depraved creeds. This film is how to defeat terrorism.

AquaReal (Trailer)

Alberto seems to be negotiating his own destiny with a superstitious power that sail behind curtains and play piano over a patterned sparkolite glass. Alberto opens his hands for a motivation that may fall, or a determination that may fly away. Do Syrians dream anymore? Do they die anymore?

Trip To Hell (Intro)

Citizens of 195 independent sovereign states (including Taiwan), plus about 60 dependent areas, and five disputed territories, like Kosovo, are fed-up due to rulers unfair ruling. Simply, no equal chances.