The Award Winning Makaad Fi Al Hadika (Trailer)

Award Winning, Poetic Reality, Surrealism, and Dreamy. Based on political story merged with strange relations of love and freedom seeking beyond all Eastern and Arabic traditions. It is an act in favor of freedom and dignity and social reform. Producer: MAK Cinema Productions.

I, I, And I (Trailer)

Peaceful demonstrations provoked in Syria March 2011 after school boys dreadfully tortured for writing phrases demanding freedom on a class board. The results are still forming, conundrum and disastrous.

Ahla Al Ayam (Trailer)

The first and only Arabic Language Musical Family Feature Film, a 35 mm theatrical picture performed by children. Producer: Almanar

Avant Garde (Trailer)

Experimental – Art – Film discovers the French Revolution and its values and expressing abstractly its dissemination via body, materials, and history. Thoughts, Secrets, and even Evils of Marie Antoinette and Rebels.

USA Strikes Syria Through A Window (Trailer)

Since WW2 the USA foreign policy was drifted then derailed to do only good for pressure lobbies but rarely performed any good for its own people or the world. Yes the world, because the person leading such a big and compelling country has to be responsible for international issues.

Napoleon In The Middle East (Trailer)

Feature – Informative Film emerges in some traditions and life properties of Arabs, and establishes Multi-Directional Cultural Dialog. Napoleon In The Middle East emerges as printing did.